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Monday, 24 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Wisconsin International Preview

The first invitational event of the year is in Green Bay and the top twenty-four drivers will compete for double points. The three heats will feature eight entrants each where only the top two progress on to the final. Those who finish in third, fourth or fifth will compete in a nine car consolation heat for the remaining two final spots.

After winning Frostbite and taking third in Tampa Ben Hadsell will be looking to build upon his current standings position of fourth as he returns after his absence at the Ides of March event, and both Billy Edgington and Reggie Banks continue on the road to recovery.

Don Davis (Heat Winner, 12th VDM), John McCrory (9th Tampa, 11th VDM) and Phillip Ruffin (9th Ides of March) are among those who miss cut.

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