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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - The Ides of March, Heat 3

The Ides of March - St. Paul, Minnesota
Heat 3
Bill Malbrough, Randy Tondreau, Leo May, Tommy Miller, Danny Krol, Ricky Grimes, Chris Henton, Jason Ingle, Timmy Barnes, Darrell Andresen, Bambi Rogers, Phillip Ruffin

Tommy Miller was swiftly removed from the action by a blindside hit off Jason Ingle and Randy Tondreau suffered five hits in less than three minutes to end his time in Minnesota. Timmy Barnes proved a popular target, Ingle especially keen on making contact with a pair of solid shots, and Bill Malbrough was swarmed with hits after freeing himself from entanglement with Phillip Ruffin.

Chris Henton just misses out on the consolation heat despite avoiding a lot of trouble until he stalled and opened himself up to Bambi Rogers for the finisher. Ingle, who had Leo May for company, ended in seventh spot with a disqualified Darrell Andresen building on his take no prisoners reputation by unfairly hitting May in a vulnerable position.

Rogers had recent dealings with Andresen but Ricky Grimes was keenest of all to get close to her, and the final consolation place went to Grimes as his final shot on Bambi stalled him in the process allowing Danny Krol to make a couple of passes on him. The final trio were soon a duo when Ruffin was cleaned out by Krol during a stall but it's enough to put him into his first final, and Krol was unable to match the skill and ferocity displayed by Leo May as he sought out his second heat victory of the season.

Race Result
1. Leo May
2. Danny Krol
3. Phillip Ruffin
4. Ricky Grimes
5. Bambi Rogers
6. Darrell Andresen
7. Jason Ingle
8. Chris Henton
9. Bill Malbrough
10. Timmy Barnes
11. Randy Tondreau
12. Tommy Miller

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