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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Tampa Open, Final

Tampa Open - Tampa, Florida
John McCrory, Lynne Higgins, Rob Remaley, Matt Welliver, Darryl Lozier, Will Thompson, Randy Corson, Will Murphy, Leo May, Randy Tondreau, Ben Hadsell, Andy Bing

Leo May, John McCrory and Randy Tondreau all make their debut in a final, the first two by virtue of winning heats with Tondreau qualifying through the consolation heat, and all three would pick up points unlike Andy Bing who threw his weight around too much ending his second straight final appearance in twelfth position. One of three drivers who have qualified for all the finals so far is Matt Welliver and after stalling on the start has finished in eleventh spot every time.

Lynne Higgins was unable to match her top five place in Arizona but takes a point for finishing in tenth taking hits first from Tondreau and then McCrory who ended up trapped as a result ending his debut in ninth. Heat two winner Leo May also found himself hang up on the barricades and was counted out soon after Rob Remaley who stalled out in his third final in three events.

Randy Tondreau attacked familiar faces in McCrory, Higgins and May, drivers he had gone head to head with earlier in the heat, but it was the two winners of the other heats, Ben Hadsell and Randy Corson, who took him down in sixth place before Corson picked up a second top five finish of the year.

Will Thompson is another competitor who has made it to all three finals with his fourth place finish here in Tampa matching his result in Edmonton either side of winning Arizona. His elimination came after a long hard battle with Darryl Lozier that only ended when flames were spotted coming out of Thompson's car.

The final five, including the surviving trio of Ben Hadsell, Darryl Lozier and Will Murphy, all picked up their second top five results of the season, third for Thompson. After going toe-to-toe against Thompson for the better part of ten minutes Darryl Lozier switched his attacks to Murphy who in turn was relentless in his assault on Hadsell.

After a third consecutive hit in quick succession Murphy finally had Hadsell's vehicle conceding defeat but a coming together with Lozier stalled the remaining two cars. Lozier, who finished fourth in his heat behind Murphy and had to go through the consolation race, refired his engine and took victory in Tampa.

Race Result
1. Darryl Lozier
2. Will Murphy
3. Ben Hadsell
4. Will Thompson
5. Randy Corson
6. Randy Tondreau
7. Leo May
8. Rob Remaley
9. John McCrory
10. Lynne Higgins
11. Matt Welliver
12. Andy Bing

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  1. Really enjoying your recaps. Thanks for playing and sharing them!