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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Valentine's Day Massacre, Heat 3

Valentine's Day Massacre - Chicago, Illinois
Heat 3
Will Murphy, Norm Gibson, Charlie Clayton, Randy Tondreau, Ben Hadsell, Andy Bing, Jess Yates, Leo May, Bambi Rogers, Tommy Miller, Don Davis, Jason Ingle

Charlie Clayton was victimised in a big way as eight hits thundered against his vehicle through the opening few minutes and he was quickly out of the running, but not before he got some good licks in on Randy Tondreau and a blindside hit on Don Davis. Just prior to that exit Leo May missed his intended target and became entangled on a barrier to lead to his count out in twelfth.

Tommy Miller's opening cameo in place of the injured Reggie Banks was short lived as a booming hit from Bambi Rogers started a fire in his engine that would end his derby, and Tondreau finished in ninth as, after helping to dominate Clayton, he became the next favourite for the pack to hunt.

Norm Gibson swapped paint with a variety of cars before his dismissal but it was Will Murphy who enjoyed crashing up against him the most, and it was Murphy who finished off Frostbite champion and third place man in the Tampa Open Ben Hadsell after he became trapped on a barrier.

Hadsell would have another chance to qualify for the final in the consolation heat, as would Jess Yates who was unable to escape the attentions of Andy Bing. The two joining them are Jason Ingle, who had Don Davis for regular company, and Bambi Rogers, who was not afraid to go head-to-head with anyone but still missed out on a place in the final.

Those who survived their encounters with Rogers were keen to get at each other as Murphy, Davis and Andy Bing all converged for a hard-hitting finale. Murphy was most interested in getting at Bing who had gone at Murphy from the start of the derby, but, with added contact with Davis, they would both be eliminated at the same time leaving the alternate driver to take the heat win.

Race Result
1. Don Davis
2. Will Murphy
2. Andy Bing
4. Bambi Rogers
5. Jason Ingle
6. Jess Yates
7. Ben Hadsell
8. Norm Gibson
9. Randy Tondreau
10. Tommy Miller
11. Charlie Clayton
12. Leo May

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