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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Wisconsin Invitational Heat 1

Wisconsin Invitational, Green Bay, WI
Heat 1
Joe Ramage, Ben Hadsell, Jamie Eilers, Sam Harbin, Scott Hutchins, John Ruiz, Andy Bing, Randy Tondreau

The quest for double points begins with over three minutes of hard-hitting action before Sam Harbin is wiped out. After missing his intended target he became entangled on the barrier making himself a sitting duck for Scott Hutchins, eventually working his way free only to run straight into Hutchins again and Andy Bing.

Ben Hadsell was looking to stay a threat to the title contenders after two top three finishes, including a win at the season opening Frostbite Winter Nationals, but heavy contact with John Ruiz resulted in a stall he was unable to recover from. This was one of several stalls in the first five minutes with everyone bar Hadsell able to continue.

Winner of the Ides of March John Ruiz failed to build momentum by finishing in sixth place, thanks in no small part to Hutchins who brought the pain on three occasions, and two time runner-up Jamie Eilers will have a second chance at reaching the final after Randy Tondreau and Joe Ramage finally made their numerous hits count.

With Andy Bing all over Tondreau the Canadian would fall next after turning on his recent partner Ramage who in turn went hard after Bing. While those competitors were busy Scott Hutchins was desperately trying to re-fire his engine after his last heavy collision with Eilers. He avoided the count out just in time and dueled hard with Ramage as they both sought out the doubled points for winning a heat; a first for either driver.

Race Result
1. Scott Hutchins
2. Joe Ramage
3. Andy Bing
4. Randy Tondreau
5. Jamie Eilers
6. John Ruiz
7. Ben Hadsell
8. Sam Harbin

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