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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Controlled Chaos - Big Apple Smash Up, Heat Two

Big Apple Smash Up - New York, NY
Heat Two
Chris Henton, Leo May, Jamie Eilers, Jason Ingle, Lynne Higgins, Ben Hadsell, Norm Gibson, Timmy Barnes, Billy Edgington, Reggie Banks, John Ruiz, Rob Remaley

Lynne Higgins' hit on Billy Edgington was a frightening moment for the Brit as the heat was stopped so he could be safely removed from his car by the medical staff. There would be no repeat of his injury in Edmonton at the start of the year though as he was given the all clear for the next event.

Ides of March champion John Ruiz fails to make it four finals in a row thanks to Ben Hadsell and Timmy Barnes sandwiching him out in eleventh, and Reggie Banks' comeback race ends prematurely when his vehicle stalled him out in tenth.

Jason Ingle is a four time finalist with only two points to his name (9th Spring Fling) but Jamie Eilers (3) and Norm Gibson (2) were determined to keep him out of another final appearance, landing five of the six hits Ingle took, and Spring Fling winner Chris Henton managed to extract himself from a barrier at the start only to have Rob Remaley rampage over him with four hits.

The consolation heat entrants are Ben Hadsell who missed his final target when Higgins knocked him on the blindside to take him off course; six time finalist Rob Remaley who, after Henton's elimination, lost a battle with Higgins; Lynne Higgins herself who stalled out after taking down Remaley with three hits; and finally Leo May who survived an early stall and early pressure from Barnes only for his attacker to join forces with Norm Gibson and finish the job.

Gibson will make his first final appearance by taking it to Ingle and Eilers with two hits each before second place finisher Eilers turned it around and won the day, moving into his fourth final as he goes. That means Timmy Barnes collects his first points of the year with the heat victory and goes into his second final of the season after finishing twelfth at the Spring Fling Derby, all thanks to his efficiency in finishing off Eilers.

Race Result
1. Timmy Barnes
2. Jamie Eilers
3. Norm Gibson
4. Leo May
5. Lynne Higgins
6. Rob Remaley
7. Ben Hadsell
8. Chris Henton
9. Jason Ingle
10. Reggie Banks
11. John Ruiz
12. Billy Edgington

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