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Friday, 4 January 2013

Controlled Chaos - Spring Fling Derby, Consolation Heat

Spring Fling Derby - Buffalo, NY
Consolation Heat
Phillip Ruffin, Jess Yates, Will Murphy, Danny Krol, Steven Redden, Bambi Rogers, Ben Hadsell, Andy Bing, Jason Ingle, Joe Ramage, Darrell Andresen, Matt Welliver

Danny Krol, Steven Redden and Darrell Andresen all missed on their opening attempts to hit someone while Jess Yates and Ben Hadsell were blindsided by Steven Redden and Phillip Ruffin respectively. Two of these four would drop out soon after their early excitement; Andresen missing his third straight final after reaching three of the opening four; Ruffin becoming stuck and freeing himself only to be attacked by Hadsell and Joe Ramage.

Andy Bing and Matt Welliver would both stall out in tenth and ninth positions before the action really came to a head. Bambi Rogers had survived a long stall at the start of the heat, miss an intended target and end up in eighth thanks to a lot of attention from Yates. This was quickly followed up by the eliminations of Hadsell, Yates and Redden. Krol postponed his attack on Jason Ingle to tear up Redden putting his victim onto a stretcher, but this proved to only be a precaution.

Krol was then the odd man out of the final four as he resumed his duel with Ingle and lost. Jason Ingle reaches his second final of the year (12th Frostbite) but he had to re-fire from a dangerous stall in the middle of the heat, but also managed to hit five different drivers on either side of this. Two of his hits were on fellow finalist Joe Ramage who was intent on destroying first Ruffin then Redden helping him on his way to a fourth straight final. The final driver to make it through is Will Murphy and after finishing in the top four in three straight finals (4th Arizona, 2nd Tampa, 4th VDM) he reaches his first in three events by barely surviving a late stall after missing two targets.

Race Result
Q. Will Murphy
Q. Jason Ingle
Q. Joe Ramage
4. Danny Krol
5. Steven Redden
6. Jess Yates
7. Ben Hadsell
8. Bambi Rogers
9. Matt Welliver
10. Andy Bing
11. Phillip Ruffin
12. Darrell Andresen

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