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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Controlled Chaos - Jersey Derby Final

Jersey Derby - Atlantic City, NJ
Jersey Derby Final
Scott Hutchins, Tom Gariepy, Steven Redden, Randy Tondreau, Will Murphy, Ricky Grimes, Jess Yates, Jason Ingle, Danny Krol, John Ruiz, Don Davis, Darryl Lozier

A rough and tumble opening five minutes ended with five drivers being eliminated in one quick sequence. It started when Randy Tondreau threw his weight around, including a hit on Darryl Lozier as payback for an earlier shot, and helped put himself on the sidelines, and that was followed by Jason Ingle finishing in the bottom two and ending up pointless in a third of his four finals (9th Spring Fling) as the pack swarmed over him.

John Ruiz picks up a point for his tenth place finish as Dick Garrett, Jess Yates and Danny Krol all conspired to eliminate him before Scott Hutchins was finished by Will Murphy and Lozier, and the minute of carnage concluded with Steven Redden blindsiding Matt Welliver before meeting Tom Gariepy head on and losing.

Jess Yates had to have a fire extinguished in the second minute but he would go on to beat his previous final result (8th Arizona) with Murphy and two hits from Ricky Grimes doing the damage. There were then only five when Will Murphy finished in sixth spot, his lowest position in six final appearances.

Wisconsin Invitational winner Tom Gariepy leaps over Will Thompson in the standings with a fifth place finish in all four of his finals after losing a war against Lozier, and Danny Krol (9th Frostbite, 8th Ides of March), also made the mistake of taking on Lozier in battle.

Ricky Grimes had a very successful second ever final (11th Wisconsin) by hitting both Redden and Yates twice each prior to Don Davis (12th Valentine's Day Massacre), who survived a pair of stalls, coming in to earn his second place finish. That means Darryl Lozier becomes the first driver to win two events this season after taking the Tampa Open crown. This result moves him into second place in the standings, four points behind championship leader Joe Ramage.

Race Result
1. Darryl Lozier
2. Don Davis
3. Ricky Grimes
4. Danny Krol
5. Tom Gariepy
6. Will Murphy
7. Jess Yates
8. Steven Redden
9. Scott Hutchins
10. John Ruiz
11. Jason Ingle
12. Randy Tondreau

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