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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Controlled Chaos - Jersey Derby, Heat One

Jersey Derby - Atlantic City, NJ
Heat One
Matt Welliver, Andy Bing, Darrell Andresen, Tommy Miller, Joe Ramage,Jason Ingle, Rob Remaley, Randy Corson, Danny Krol, Bambi Rogers, Steven Redden, Ed Smith

Bambi Rogers chased after Ed Smith for a couple of minutes before Danny Krol finished her off by becoming her fourth attacker of the heat, and Tommy Miller was right behind her. Miller was also focused on one opponent, Rob Remaley his rival of choice, but Darrell Andresen was equally keen on laying the hits onto one car.

Andy Bing would not make it a third podium in a row (1st Idaho, 2nd Seattle), and after suffering an injury may not be able to gather points in the near future either, as he hit six different vehicles just for being near him before Remaley returned after earlier contact and put in the final shot. Another man who was on good form but would finish too early was Joe Ramage who misses two events for the first time since the start of the year where he failed to feature in the final races of the first three events. An early stall was quickly rectified before both Krol and Andresen forced him onto a barrier where Ramage was able to free himself only to run into Krol once more.

Rob Remaley finishes in eighth spot and fails in his bid to reach a seventh final. The elimination came after laying two hits each on Bing and Matt Welliver while taking a bruising punishment of seven hits against him; Andresen delivering the final blow.

Ed Smith was one of three drivers in this heat who has yet to make a final (Rogers, Miller) but he is the only one to at least reach the consolation heat today. Winning his battle with Bambi Rogers led to a lot of attention from Steven Redden who hit him no less than four times, three of them in as many minutes late on to eliminate Smith.

The other consolation heat drivers are Randy Corson who lost his fight with Jason Ingle; Darrell Andresen who stalled out after looking such a danger throughout; and Matt Welliver who was brutal in his treatment of Andresen, causing the stall, before Ingle left him stranded in fourth place.

It was to be Jason Ingle who finished third moving him into just his fourth final of the year (12th Frostbite, 9th Spring Fling, 12th Seattle) as he was not able to cope with what fellow finalists Danny Krol and Steven Redden were bringing to the final battle for places.

Redden earns a place in his fifth final of the year, where his season best has been joint second at Valentine's Day Massacre, but a late stall may have cost him two points when Krol (9th Frostbite, 8th Ides of March) took full advantage in completing his first heat victory. Redden was the target for five of Krol's final six hits.

Race Result
1. Danny Krol
2. Steven Redden
3. Jason Ingle
4. Matt Welliver
5. Darrell Andresen
6. Randy Corson
7. Ed Smith
8. Rob Remaley
9. Joe Ramage
10. Andy Bing
11. Tommy Miller
12. Bambi Rogers

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