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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Controlled Chaos - Spring Fling Derby, Heat 2

Spring Fling Derby - Buffalo, NY
Heat 2
Chris Henton, Tommy Miller, Matt Welliver, Timmy Barnes, Charlie Clayton, Tom Gariepy, Scott Hutchins, Joe Ramage, Andy Bing, Jamie Eilers, Bobby Gallagher, Darrell Andresen

After finishing two of the last three rounds in the top three (tied 2nd at VDM, 1st in Wisconsin) Tom Gareipy was disqualified very early on for an outrageous hit on Jamie Eilers who suffered as a result and was quickly eliminated by a merciless pack.

A bigger drama was still to come though when Scott Hutchins was slammed up and over the barrier by Chris Henton. Hutchins would suffer no injury but his day was over three minutes in. The heat proceeded in a calmer fashion and Tommy Miller was the next man down, triple teamed by Henton, Bobby Gallagher and Timmy Barnes, before Gallagher became the new whipping boy.

Joe Ramage survived just long enough to put himself into the consolation heat and hope for some good fortune as he tries to continue his fine form. He will be joined in the second chance race by Darrell Andresen who threw his weight around before Andy Bing put him down for good; Matt Welliver who stalled out after battling with Barnes then Ramage; and Bing who nigh on crippled himself in his final shot on Andresen.

The final three brought the heat to an abrupt close with Barnes starting working over Eilers before moving through the pack ultimately coming off second best against Charlie Clayton. It would be Clayton who just missed out on the two points for winning a heat but he was lucky to even make the final after he re-fired a lengthy stall at the start.

That means Chris Henton reaches his first final of the season crushing Hutchins and helping to eliminate both Miller and Bing. It was especially fortunate for him to win as he was blindsided no less than three times, Barnes, Clayton and Ramage all ctahcing him off guard.

Race Result
1. Chris Henton
2. Charlie Clayton
3. Timmy Barnes
4. Andy Bing
5. Matt Welliver
6. Darrell Andresen
7. Joe Ramage
8. Bobby Gallagher
9. Tommy Miller
10. Scott Hucthins
11. Jamie Eilers
12. Tom Gariepy

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